Digital Copiers (Workgroup)
Ricoh Aficio 2035
Ricoh Aficio 3025
Ricoh Aficio 3025SP
Ricoh Aficio 3030
Ricoh Aficio 3035
Ricoh Aficio 3035SP
Ricoh Aficio 3045
Ricoh Aficio 3045SP
Ricoh Aficio MP2000SPF
Ricoh Aficio MP2500SPF
Ricoh Aficio MP2550SPF
Ricoh Aficio MP3350SP
Ricoh Aficio MP3500SP
Ricoh Aficio MP4000SP
Ricoh Aficio MP4500SP
Digital Color Copiers
Ricoh Aficio MPC2000SPF
Ricoh Aficio MPC2050
Ricoh Aficio MPC2510
Rioch Aficio MPC2500SPF
Rioch Aficio MPC2550SPF
Rioch Aficio MPC2800
Rioch Aficio MPC3000SP
Rioch Aficio MPC3300
Ricoh Aficio 3245C
Rioch Aficio MPC3500SP
Ricoh Aficio MPC4000SP
Ricoh Aficio MPC4500SP
Ricoh Aficio MPC5000
Ricoh Aficio MPC6000
Digital Copiers (Departmental)
Ricoh Aficio 2050
Ricoh Aficio 3050
Ricoh Aficio MP5000
Ricoh Aficio MP6000
Digital Copiers (Production)
Ricoh Aficio 2060
Ricoh Aficio 2060SP
Ricoh Aficio 2065
Ricoh Aficio 2070
Ricoh Aficio 2075SP
Ricoh Aficio MP7000

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Ricoh Aficio 2070

In todayís business, vast amounts of electronic and hard copy information must be processed each day. This puts an ever growing strain on your organizationís productivity. How much time does your team spend on producing, filing, retrieving, protecting and sharing information? With undisputed market leadership in the field of multifunctional office document processing, Ricoh is the expert when it comes to identifying opportunities for productivity gains and cost savings. We listen to your needs, assess your workflow and propose solutions that streamline the way your office works. As a result, the Aficio 2070 could well become the heart of your organizationís document workflow. They deliver fast document sharing, impeccable copy and print quality, impressively finished documents and seamlessly integrated document security management. Everything comes together in these powerful new document platforms.

Copier Features:
• 51 PPM copy speed  
• Most main features accessible from initial screen on Touch Panel Display
• Ability to program up to 8 jobs into memory while initial job is running
• Professional finishing capabilities

General Features:
• Large, user-friendly Touch Panel Display
• 30-second warm-up time from power off
• Scan Once, Print Many with True 1,200 DPI resolution
• 8,300 sheet maximum paper capacity from up to 5 sources
• 100-sheet, One Pass Duplexing Automatic Document Feeder
• Document Server technology for online storage and print-on-demand capability





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