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Ricoh Aficio 3025

Achieving greater productivity in your office with fewer resources and tighter deadlines, means finding the right digital multifunctional system. Designed to address these rigorous requirements, the Ricoh 3025 offers busy workgroups the power to perform. From image capture through file management and professional output, the Ricoh 3025 delivers efficient, secure and cost-effective workflow that is integral to your business success.

Copier Features:
• Scan Once Print Many to maximize the output performance
• Copy features like cover insertion, page designation, and stamping to reduce manual interaction and increase productivity
• 600 dpi resolution with up to 256 levels of gray
• Electronic/Rotate sorting produces complete document sets and eliminates manual collation
• Optional 50-Sheet ARDF for automatic feeding of documents (one and two-sided) at engine speed

Technical Specification:
Copier Specifications  
Copying process Twin laser scanning and electro-photographic printing
Copy Speed 25 copies per minute
Resolution 600dpi
Multiple copy Up to 999;
Warm-up time

12 sec

First output speed 4.4 sec

25-400% (in 1% steps)

Memory 128MB standard 256MB + 20GB Hard Disk Drive (max)
Paper input capacity

2 x 500 sheet trays standard 3,100 sheets maximum

Paper input capacity 500 sheet internal tray standard 1,625 sheets maximum with finisher
Paper size

A6 - A3

Paper weight Tray: 160 - 105 gsm Tray 2/ Bypass: 52 - 157 gsm Duplex: 64 - 105gsm

550W x 604D x 980H mm

Weight Less than 62kg

220 - 240V, 50/60Hz

Power consumption 1.5KW/h maximum operating 120W in Energy saver mode




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