Digital Copiers (Workgroup)
Ricoh Aficio 2035
Ricoh Aficio 3025
Ricoh Aficio 3025SP
Ricoh Aficio 3030
Ricoh Aficio 3035
Ricoh Aficio 3035SP
Ricoh Aficio 3045
Ricoh Aficio 3045SP
Ricoh Aficio MP2000SPF
Ricoh Aficio MP2500SPF
Ricoh Aficio MP2550SPF
Ricoh Aficio MP3350SP
Ricoh Aficio MP3500SP
Ricoh Aficio MP4000SP
Ricoh Aficio MP4500SP
Digital Color Copiers
Ricoh Aficio MPC2000SPF
Ricoh Aficio MPC2050
Ricoh Aficio MPC2510
Rioch Aficio MPC2500SPF
Rioch Aficio MPC2550SPF
Rioch Aficio MPC2800
Rioch Aficio MPC3000SP
Rioch Aficio MPC3300
Ricoh Aficio 3245C
Rioch Aficio MPC3500SP
Ricoh Aficio MPC4000SP
Ricoh Aficio MPC4500SP
Ricoh Aficio MPC5000
Ricoh Aficio MPC6000
Digital Copiers (Departmental)
Ricoh Aficio 2050
Ricoh Aficio 3050
Ricoh Aficio MP5000
Ricoh Aficio MP6000
Digital Copiers (Production)
Ricoh Aficio 2060
Ricoh Aficio 2060SP
Ricoh Aficio 2065
Ricoh Aficio 2070
Ricoh Aficio 2075SP
Ricoh Aficio MP7000

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Ricoh Aficio MP6000

Revolutionise your color document production with the all-in-one Aficio™MP C6000 . These devices combine impressive speeds with benchmark output quality and superb media flexibility. Streamline your color workflow using the wide array of advanced, yet straightforward tools and options. You can save time and costs by keeping your color document production in-house. Modular and upgradeable, the MP C6000 are economically viable color solutions for offices that operate on a limited budget but need to produce fast, high quality results.

Copier Features:
• Scan Once, Print Many for maximum productivity and reliability
• Walk-up users can access all attached finishing functions for copying
• Contain color usage with user codes to manage operation cost
• Standard 100-sheet ARDF for simplex and duplex scanning
• First-copy-out time of 7.5 seconds for full-color, and 5.7 seconds for black & white
• Key programming and access to copier functionality is all kept on two levels of navigation to simplify operation

General Features:
• Complete copying, printing, scanning, and document serving functionality
• Simple to use operation to maximum productivity while minimizing operator training
• Documents ready for distribution through integrated finishing options including stapling, booklet finishing, and hole punching
• Advanced security features, like Windows Authentication and User Code programming prevent unauthorized access as well as providing cost control.
• High-speed throughput of 55 ppm for full-color, and 60 ppm for black & white
• Document Server Technology for online storage and print-on-demand capability
• Create two-sided documents without impeding the system performance





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