Digital Copiers (Workgroup)
Ricoh Aficio 2035
Ricoh Aficio 2045
Ricoh Aficio 3025
Ricoh Aficio 3025SP
Ricoh Aficio 3030
Ricoh Aficio 3035
Ricoh Aficio 3035SP
Ricoh Aficio 3045
Ricoh Aficio 3045SP
Ricoh Aficio MP161
Ricoh Aficio MP2000SPF
Ricoh Aficio MP2500SPF
Ricoh Aficio MP2550SPF
Ricoh Aficio MP3010
Ricoh Aficio MP3350SP
Ricoh Aficio MP3500SP
Ricoh Aficio MP4000SP
Ricoh Aficio MP4500SP
Digital Color Copiers
Rioch Aficio MPC2501
Rioch Aficio MPC2550SPF
Rioch Aficio MPC2800
Rioch Aficio MPC3000SP
Rioch Aficio MPC3300
Ricoh Aficio 3001
Rioch Aficio MPC3002
Ricoh Aficio MPC4000SP
Ricoh Aficio MPC4001
Ricoh Aficio MPC4002
Ricoh Aficio MPC4500SP
Ricoh Aficio MPC5000
Ricoh Aficio MPC5001
Ricoh Aficio MPC5002
Ricoh Aficio MPC5003
Ricoh Aficio MPC5501
Ricoh Aficio MPC5502
Ricoh Aficio MPC5503
Ricoh Aficio MPC6000
Ricoh Aficio MPC6501
Ricoh Aficio MPC6502
Ricoh Aficio MPC7501
Digital Copiers (Departmental)
Ricoh Aficio MP5000
Ricoh Aficio MP6000
Ricoh Aficio MP7000
Ricoh Aficio MP7001
Ricoh Aficio MP7002

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Ricoh Aficio MPC4501

The RICOH Aficio MP C4501 delivers all this and more in a convenient, cost-effective design. Use this innovative system to accomplish any critical task—from printing and copying to scanning and faxing, from finishing and distribution to color control and workflow execution. The Aficio MP C4501 helps fast-paced offices produce flawless documents securely and efficiently with more collaboration and less outsourcing.

Copier Features:
• Printer and Scanner Option
• Speed 45 ppm B&W
• Digital
• Laser
• Duplex Capability Automatic Standard
• Entry level A3 colour machine
• 20 / 25 pages per minute
• Copy, Print & Scan
• Low running cost
• Up to 1,200dpi

General Features:
• Multifunctionality: copy, print, scan and optional fax
• Eco-friendly technology saves energy and costs
• Advanced features simplify workflow saving time, space and money
• Enhanced security protects your data and aids compliance
• Provides an array of document management capabilities including, but not limited to, archiving, managing, and sending/receiving files
• Multiple security levels both standard and optional to satisfy your security requirements

Printer Features:
• Output speed of 45 ppm for full-color and black and white
• Maximum print resolution 1,200 dpi equivalent x 1,200 dpi
• Standard interface 10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet (RJ-45), USB 2.0
• Full finishing capability with optional finishers

Scanner Features:
• Scan-to-Email (with LDAP support), Scan-to-folder, Scan-to-URL
• Scanning speed of 45 ipm for full-color, and 40 ipm for black & white
• Maximum scan size 11” x 17” full bleed on 12” x 18”





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